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pandoIQ's AI-enabled algorithms make enterprise Talent Acquisition easier and more efficient than ever.  Not only do these clever algorithms automate processes and take on the grunt work to save your team valuable time, but they also make better-than-human decisions on the spot using terabytes of data, machine-learning, and AI to make sure you get the most from your job advertising spend. Best of all, they are self-learning and improve and adapt automatically with every campaign processed to adapt to whatever the labor market has in store for your jobs.

Classification-Algorithm Classification Algorithm


Instantly Classifies Jobs

Lets face it, job descriptions are subjective and full of jargon. The same job title may mean very different things in different companies. pandoIQ’s job classification algorithm goes beyond the job title and uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) on the entire job description with a vast job taxonomy to make sense of unstructured data, decipher the true meaning of job description. This allows for the right candidates to be targeted.

  • Automatically parses job listings from your ATS and identifies key job attributes
  • Cross-references job attributes to pandoIQ's job taxonomy made up of 30,000+ nodes of job titles, skills, education
  • Identifies job synonyms and common search terms that have historically performed the best and recommends job expansion to saturate job search terms and location
  • Classifies each job type in a structured way so that the ideal campaign targeting strategy can be assigned and tracked over time
Classification Algorithms
Prediction Prediction Algorithm


Predicts Job and Campaign Performance

Based on the job classification, pandoIQ’s  prediction algorithm utilizes a scientific formula derived from machine-learning technology and 10+ years of historical performance data to predict performance.  Not only does the predictive data offer valuable upfront insights to employers, it also serves as the instrumental benchmark used by other algorithms throughout the programmatic campaign process.

  • Identifies the key job attributes that impact ad performance
  • Predicts ad performance over the campaign duration based on the employer's monthly spend
  • Facilitates automated campaign optimization and dynamic budget allocation
  • Delivers actionable insights that help employers optimize their entire recruitment strategy
Prediction Algorithm
budget allocation Budget Algorithm


Allocates Spend Dynamically

pandoIQ’s Budget Allocation algorithm leverages the power of predictive performance data to recommend the optimal media spend and allocate the budget in the most efficient way in order deliver the best performance possible across all of the employer’s jobs. This way, harder to fill jobs get the additional spend required to attract applicants and unnecessary spending on easy-to-fill jobs is eliminated.

  • Allocates the budget dynamically across all jobs based on predictive data
  • Eliminates wasteful spending on easy-to-fill jobs or even jobs where job advertising just won’t work
  • Delivers the maximum performance possible across all jobs based on the employer’s budget
Budget Allocation
AD targeting Ad Targeting Algorithm


Targets Candidates

pandoIQ’s Targeting Algorithm assigns and activates a highly-targeted and fully-automated ad distribution strategy for each job ad based on its classification.  In addition to determining when and where to allocate your ad spend, the targeting algorithm automates everything in the ad placement process including directing the candidates you want directly to your ATS to apply.

  • Selects the most relevant and best performing sites based on historical site performance data for similarly classified jobs
  • Calculates the CPC bid rate for each site in order to meet the performance prediction benchmark at the lowest possible cost
  • Automates managing ad placement across multiple sites simultaneously including distribution, activation, expiration, and bid management
  • Eliminates wasteful spending typically associated with manually managing job ad spend across multiple vendors in high-volume hiring
Targeting Infographic
optimization Optimization Algorithms


Optimizes in Real-time

Optimization algorithms continuously monitor actual performance compared to the predictive benchmarks by job, by source, as well as across the entire spend. When the performance dips below prediction, the algorithms make real-time campaign optimization decisions related to available budget, bid rates, site targeting strategies to generate more applicants and prevent wasteful spending.

  • Automatically adjusts CPC bid rates for under-performing job ad campaigns to boost visibility and generate more applicants
  • Cuts off spend on sites which produce poor quality traffic that consumes your budget with job views that do not convert to applicants
  • Reallocates budget across all jobs when aggregate performance dips below prediction, shifting a portion of the budget away from jobs exceeding prediction and reallocating it to jobs that need it more
Optimization Algorithm ROI

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