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Automating & Optimizing the Job Advertising Process with AI-Enabled Algorithms

Leading Global Provider of Rental Car Solutions


Avis Budget Group, headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, is a leading global provider of rental car solutions with more than 11,000 rental locations worldwide. The company operates most of its rental car offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific directly employing approximately 31,000 employees across a wide variety of positions ranging from corporate functions to customer service roles. In 2018, the corporation decided to bring their talent acquisition efforts in-house and take control of candidate sourcing and key hiring metrics.

Results at a Glance for Avis Budget Group







We needed help to ensure we were making smart, data driven decisions. pandoIQ was the solution!

Amanda Mioli

Employer Brand, Sourcing & Attraction Manager, Avis Budget Group

The Challenge

Prior to adopting pandoIQ, Avis Budget Group used a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm to manage their job advertising and candidate sourcing. The RPO was advertising jobs across multiple sites to source applicants, but provided little to no visibility into how those sources were performing for Avis Budget Group and how effectively their job advertising spend was being managed. Lacking the right insights into performance and ROI, Avis Budget Group decided that bringing recruitment efforts in-house would give them more control. This meant that Avis Budget Group would need to establish their own recruitment KPIs, continue to meet existing hiring objectives, and increase their applicant to hire conversions. The challenge was how to accomplish all this with limited internal resources. Avis Budget Group realized that they needed to start automating the sourcing process and make better decisions on their recruitment spend. They decided that programmatic job advertising was the vehicle to make this a reality.

The Solution

Avis Budget Group selected the programmatic job advertising platform, pandoIQ , to automate and optimize their job advertising process to meet their aggressive hiring needs. In addition, with pandoIQ, Avis Budget Group was able to proactively dictate the best sourcing strategy for each of their jobs using predictive insights made possible by AI-enabled algorithms. For example, by leveraging pandoIQ’s predictive data, they could proactively identify and assign hard-to-fill jobs to internal recruiters upfront instead of waiting to see how the job advertisement performed. Predictive data also brought to light job titles and descriptions that could hinder performance. With these insights they were able to optimize descriptions to improve performance before even campaigning the jobs. For the jobs that were predicted to perform well, Avis Budget Group allowed pandoIQ’s proprietary algorithms to do all the work—determining budget, targeting the right sites and candidates, and optimizing performance in real-time to return optimal results. The pandoIQ platform also gave them the flexibility to segment out job campaigns as they became more sophisticated. This allowed Avis Budget Group to better control the priority and spend on these more complex campaigns to return better performance and hit hiring goals.

pandoIQ’s AI-enabled algorithms have eliminated the resources previously required to manage and track our ad campaigns!

The Results

pandoIQ allowed Avis Budget Group to improve their candidate sourcing strategy by providing upfront job performance prediction, a single source for managing job distribution, and visibility into key performance and budget metrics. This was all done automatically with pandoIQ; no additional resource management or campaign data input by the Avis Budget Group team. With the help of pandoIQ they surpassed their hiring goals, decreased their cost per hire, and increased their ROI.

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