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RealMatch Delivers on Industry Standard for Traffic Quality and Ad Performance Reporting

New York, NY, July 27, 2017-RealMatch, a leader in performance-based recruitment advertising solutions, announced today, the implementation and delivery of the Traffic Quality Standard across TheJobNetwork as a result of its participation in a special task force led by TATech, an association representing more than 60,000 job sites and recruitment technology providers across the globe. The Traffic Quality Declaration is the inaugural work product of the TAtech member-driven working group for Traffic Quality, represented by over 30 leading job advertising publishers.

The Traffic Quality Declaration is aimed at establishing industry-wide reporting standards related to job posting performance data especially addressing how fraudulent and bot traffic ("non-human") traffic is identified and filtered, so that employment advertisers can accurately measure ROI on their recruitment spend by source and make sound buying decisions.

After significant research conducted by the task force, there was little consistency on how different job advertising providers report and filter the various kinds of bot traffic from their reporting. In addition, identifying fraudulent bot traffic was difficult, establishing the need for an easy way to share fraudulent sources across the industry a necessity.

Bot traffic accounts for an estimated 40% of all page views on the Internet. Some sources of bot traffic are easier to identify such as search engine indexing, while other fraudulent bot traffic is much more difficult to identify. In addition, in the absence of standards on how bot traffic is removed from reporting, measuring the effectiveness of job advertising media spend across publishers & analytics suites is difficult if not impossible.

Terry Baker, President of RealMatch and a member of the TAtech Board of Governors, commented that "Contributing to the Declaration's definition as well as our implementation of the Standard is just one part of our overall commitment to delivering quality candidates. When you combine quality traffic with our reciprocal Matching of the job seeker qualifications and the employer requirements, then you get the highest quality candidates possible, enabling recruiters to save time and money.

The core tenets of The TAtech working group and the Traffic Quality Declaration include:

Employers (Advertisers) Deserve:
Transparency - understanding what traffic counts and what doesn't as the foundation for evaluation
Honest & fair reporting - reports that accurately describe the value that has been delivered.
Publishers Deserve:
A fair playing field - empower employers to make "apples to apples" value assessments through transparency
Industry standards - a benchmark to be compared with and against that is endorsed and which can be implemented across the industry by publishing peers.
"Not only does the Declaration allow us to adhere to the highest standards which are part of our culture as a company, it also allows the industry as a whole to provide accurate and fair reporting to the employers we serve as ad performance and ROI become the drivers that decide where they place their spend," said Amir Kaldor, Chief Technology Officer at RealMatch.

Although RealMatch has always taken proactive measures to exclude bot traffic from trusted sources like search engines in job view reporting as well identifying fraudulent traffic, the company plans to utilize the Declaration standard to begin excluding any fraudulent traffic sources identified and confirmed from all traffic sources as of August 1, 2017.

About RealMatch
RealMatch is a leading recruitment advertising technology company specializing in performance-based recruitment advertising solutions for digital publishers and the employers and job seekers in their audiences. RealMatch's technology combines programmatic job ad distribution with real-time job matching algorithms to automatically target and engage top talent across its vast recruitment network, TheJobNetwork™. The company powers over 1,000 job sites and has distribution arrangements reaching thousands of additional third-party sites granting employers access to local talent in every market while providing job seekers with perfectly matched opportunities. To learn more, visit


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