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Change Is Good With Programmatic

Job Board Solutions For Publishers

The Publisher's Challenge

Publishers once dominated the recruitment classified market when print was the lead. In today's digital first world, online market dynamics, fierce competition, and the evolution towards performance-based recruitment solutions is rapidly changing the game.

The Solution

PandoLogic's programmatic recruitment advertising solution offers digital publishers a revolutionary new way to increase revenue, win back market share, and deliver superior performance that employers are demanding in today's evolving talent acquisition market.

Digital news publishers have increased their average monthly online audience by 42% since 2014.

Grow Your Recruitment Revenue

Change is easier than you may think. That's why hundreds of leading publishers have left their antiquated job board solution behind and migrated to PandoLogic's programmatic job board platform to attract more employment advertisers and grow their recruitment business once again.

  • Programmatic job distribution delivers superior ad performance and allows you to be a one-stop shop to employers of all sizes.
  • Innovative performance-based posting upsells generate additional revenue and can be easily tailored around your customer's hiring strategies.
  • Automated behavioral e-marketing campaigns boost e-commerce sales and help maximize the lifetime value of your customers.
  • 100% white-labeled solution puts your brand front and center.
Grow Recruitment Revenue
Engage Audience

Engage Your Audience:

When you partner with PandoLogic your employment advertisers will have instant access to the largest recruitment advertising network in North America.

  • Proprietary job matching technology provides a personalized experience for job seekers and a more efficient recruiting process for employers.
  • Integrated career content syndication targets job seekers in your vast audience directly in your editorial content
  • Automated behavioral e-marketing helps you grow and engage your job seeker database over time.
  • Online employer accounts feature real-time performance reporting, instant candidate matching, and online posting management to make hiring easy.
  • Fully-responsive design and mobile apply experience increase job views and applicant conversion rates for your advertisers.

Get The Support You Deserve

PandoLogic is committed to your success. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to make sure that you have all the tools, training, and ongoing support you need. Not to mention, our automated marketing and lead generation tools will help you win new advertisers along the way.

  • BI reports and detailed analytics help you monitor your success and increase your ROI and allow you to slice and dice vital data performance data and trends.
  • Dedicated account managers work closely with your team to maximize
    sales, grow existing relationships, and discover new revenue opportunities.
  • Detailed playbooks, best practices, and marketing resources make site promotion easy.
Get Support
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