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Programmatic Job Ad Distribution

The Internet is Now the Job Board!

Imagine being able to reach active and passive job seekers across a network of 1000's of job sites with one single posting. Imagine a recruitment advertising network that delivers up to four times the response compared to the leading national job board. No need to imagine - it's possible with PandoLogic.


Ultimate Reach to Talent

PandoLogic offers employers unprecedented reach on its recruitment advertising network called TheJobNetwork. The network is comprised of more than one thousand local, diversity and niche job sites, job aggregators, job search engines, and social networks that reach over 100 million active and passive job seekers monthly.

TheJobNetwork Sites
RealMatch Programmatic Job Ad Optimization
Job Posting Optimization

Improves Ad Visibility in Relevant Search Results

Automated posting optimization significantly improves job ad ranking in relevant search results on sites across TheJobNetwork. Better rankings and proper job classification translate into more quality applicants for the job. The optimization system automatically identifies the correct job type by tapping into PandoLogic's extensive job matching taxonomy, and appends appropriate meta-data for similar titles, skills, and common search terms for the job that have historically performed the best.

Automated Job-Level Distribution Campaigns

Targets The Right Job Seekers on The Right Sites

Automated ad campaign management technology leverages job-level predictive performance data to create a targeted job ad distribution campaign across the most relevant job sites on TheJobNetwork that have historically performed well based on the job type and location. Employers can now reach the right job seeker, on the right site, at the right time, without the hassles, costs, and guesswork associated with posting on multiple job sites individually.

Programmatic Job Distribution
RealMatch Programmatic Campaign Optimization
Real-Time Campaign Management

Delivers Superior Performance

Real-time campaign management technology delivers up to 4X the ad response compared to leading job boards by continuously monitoring job ad performance compared to historical performance data. Distribution campaigns, CPC budgets, and even bid rates are automatically optimized and adjusted to produce more qualified applicants in less time.

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