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Enterprise Talent Acquisition Is Complex

pandoIQ Makes It Easier

Meet pandoIQ

pandoIQ is an AI-enabled programmatic job advertising platform. What does that mean exactly? We not only fully automate the job advertising process but also make smart budget decisions enabling you to source applicants faster, smarter and more efficiently. Simply put we make job advertising effortless, freeing up your time to focus on other priorities in your recruitment process.


Job Advertising. Easy.

Source Applicants Effortlessly
Source Applicants Effortlessly

Eliminate inefficiencies and manual tasks inherent to job advertising with a fully-automated, data-driven platform.

Maximize ROI on Spend

Get more applicants for your dollar and eliminate wasteful spending with AI-enabled campaign optimization.

Expand Reach To Talent
Expand Reach to Talent

Reach a vast audience on our recruitment ad exchange made up of 1000’s of leading job sites, search engines and social networks.

Target Right Candidates
Engage the Right Candidates

Receive applicants fast with precision targeting that reaches the right candidates on the right sites at the right time.

Get Real Time Sights
Smart Decision Making

Say goodbye to rules-based trial and error spending based on human input. Predictive analytics, big data and proprietary algorithms make the best bids and budget allocations automatically.

Centralized Spend
Centralize Spend

Consolidate your spend into a single performance based platform that eliminates the hassles and guesswork linked to managing multiple vendors.

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